Belfast's Colonial Theatre sets sights on mid-November Open House

BELFAST – For the first time in over a year, Belfast’s Colonial Theatre, now owned and operated by the nonprofit “Hawthorne” Collaborative, is pushing open the doors for a re-opening celebration on Saturday, November 18 from 2 – 4 p.m.

After a red carpet entry, there will be a “In the VIP” themed offerings including a video booth, professional photos with Baby Hawthorne, popcorn/trinket giveaways and a few more suprises. Audiences are encouraged to dress with flair and those who arrive costumed can enter for a future drawing of free merchandise or movie tickets!

On the triplex screens will be films that celebrate over a century of the theatre operation. Featurettes include a silent short showcase that was generously donated by the Northeast Historic Film archive. These now-digitized films about the rough and rustic life that Mainers lived back in the early twentieth century were created by storied producer Holman Day. For some lighter fare elsewhere, the Colonial will be screening cartoons including the always rascally Felix the Cat. In Dreamland, there will be a screening of one of the communities’ most beloved music videos.

Come back in mid-November to the heart of Downtown Belfast as the Colonial celebrates being back as a center for cinema in Waldo County!!

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A year after the Colonial Theatre went dark, a local Collaborative is delighted to announce that the light is about to return to Downtown Belfast.

Formed from a Belfast-based effort, 'the Colonial' is back under new, community ownership through the not-for-profit Hawthorne Theatre & Arts Collaborative (“Hawthorne”). With help from local philanthropists, “Hawthorne” will take ownership of the Theatre in October this year, with a Relaunch Open House on November 18th. Further updates will be posted here and on Colonial social media channels soon!

The Collaborative's plan is to give you everything you used to get from the Colonial, with the addition of so much more. New movies. Live music. Old movies. Local artists. Great movies. Laughably-bad movies. Readings. Stand-up. Classes. Local movies. Party rentals. More free family movies. New forms of membership.

The goal? To (more than ever) become a place where people from Greater Belfast can come together for entertainment. Whatever it takes to add some magic to your day is what Hawthorne is working to achieve. Why? Because, in short, that's our highest priority.

Yours…? If you believe in the Colonial as much as this group already does—is to help Hawthorne ensure this community never experiences the sadness of another night where the neon is off, and the French doors are locked.

Starting October 1: the Collaborative is rolling out match challenge from an anonymous donor who put up to fifty thousand dollars towards it. Any matching contributions made in this month will ensure the theatre opens with confidence.

Securing these critical matching funds for operations can help guarantee that we “See You [back] at the Movies” in early November!!

- Team Hawthorne

Hawthorne Theatre & Arts Collaborative


This is Hawthorne speaking...! (...Yes, we're named in dedication to the iconic elephant perched over Downtown Belfast for over a generation).

The not-for-profit Hawthorne comprises a board of directors with midcoast Maine connections. With careers in hospitality (Bill Catania), community engagement (Amanda Cunningham), small business management (Alice Seeger), legal (Spencer Stephens), movie theater management (Kyle Walton)—this Collaborative is committed to preserving Greater Waldo County's access to the arts through the Colonial Theatre.

The overall goal of Hawthorne is to create a sustainable community-based model that gives everyone in Waldo County (and beyond) a reason to visit the Colonial Theatre, every single week.

If you have any questions about becoming a future volunteer or a sponsor, please contact the Collaborative's Executive Director.

- Team Hawthorne